Saturday, June 14, 2008

Senator Obama's Prayer Group

6/14/2008--Newsweek’s June 9 edition also contained a strange story about daily prayer calls organized by the campaign of Senator Obama. ("His Mobile Ministry"). Every Friday morning, and also on special occasions, anywhere from a few to 100 clergy link up telephonically to pray for Senator Obama—not to win elections, they say, but for discernment.

No one is against prayer and if God is as important to Obama as he has said, he would certainly appreciate prayers. But this sort of thing suggests that the anti-religious secularists have a point. Who needs a suggestion that a politician is close to God? No politician is. The group did pray especially before big primaries, as if this were a sports team praying before a game. So you have the usual corruption of politics when religion gets too close.

Second, you have the corruption of religion. Do these same ministers criticize Obama or are they on his “team”? If Senator Obama wants prayer help, why not follow Jesus’ advice and have them pray in secret?

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